zondag 21 augustus 2011

polymer clay crochet hook handle

Yesterday and today were Fimo (polymer clay) days. I made two flower canes to decorate my crochet hook. I first made the handle in white Fimo, then I decorated it with very thin slices of the flower canes. After baking (33 minutes at 100°C) and cooling, I sanded and varnished it. I'm quite pleased with the result, but next time I want to use a greater variety of flowers. So I'll have to make some more flower canes... And that takes quite some time.
Here is another picture:
I engraved the thickness in the back of the handle. It's an 3.5mm (E) hook. But, as you might notice below, it's quite hard to see. I think that's because of the flower motif on the back. Anyway, here is a picture:
I also made some rose bobby pins and ear studs:

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