dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Whale plushie

I sewed a whale! It's made using a DIY Fluffies pattern I found on Etsy. I really like the result.
At first, I was a bit affraid it would be too hard (since it said: intermediate), but it wasn't that difficult after all. I'm glad I made it!
The whale is made out of fleece baby blankets. For the top I used a turquoise - green polka dot blanket, for the belly I used a plain white blanket. The eyes are made out of felt scraps. He is stuffed with polyester polyfill.
Here are some more pics:

If you're interested in buying this cutie: I've listed it in my etsy shop. Also, if you would like a custom made whale (other colors, fabrics...), please send me a message on etsy.

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