dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Cozy twisted tunisian cowl

I made this cowl using the tunisian 3 color technique I discovered on the StitchDiva website on this page.
Here are some more pics:

If you want to make your own, it's really not that hard. This is my first how-to, so please let me know if something isn't clear, if there are mistakes or if you have any questions. So, here it goes:

How to make your own cozy twisted tunisian cowl:

What you will will need:
- yarn from your stash in three assorted/contrasting colors. Try to find yarn in different textures as it gives a nice result.
- Tunisian extended S (19mm) hook (although I think you could make this with a "normal" S (19mm) crochet hook, but then you should really be careful that your stitches don't slip of your hook. You could cut a cardboard circle and screw it to the end of your hook, just to be sure it doesn't slip). I used one from Jenkins I really love. You can find that one here.

Used abbreviations and techniques:
  • Ch: Chain Stitch
  • Sl St: Slip stitch
  • Tunisian Base row. If you're new to Tunisian crochet, here is a great tutorial.
  • Tss: Tunisian Simple Stich. Take a look here for a great tutorial.
  • Tunisian 3 color technique: if you know how to do tunisian crochet, this shouldn't be a problem. Here is a tutorial.
  • Tunisian binding of: here is a tutorial.

Let's get started:
Step 1:
Decide which yarn you will use. Sort your colors: for  example, I have used three blue yarns, three green yarns and two purple yarns. Hold the strands of the yarns of the same colorway together, when you (tunisian) crochet. I will refer to each "yarn" (i.e. each two/three strands of yarns held together) as yarn A, B and C. Make sure that each "yarn" has about the same thickness. For example, my two purple yarns held together, are about the same thickness as three green yarns.
I used some worsted weight yarn, but also "novelty" yarns. I also used plain as well as variegrated yarns. If you use different textures/types of yarn, you'll have a great texturized result, which has a very nice look and feel, as you can see on this picture:
Step 2:
With color A, ch 15 (or until you reach the desired width of your cowl, mine is about 25cm (10 inch) wide) and start your tunisian base row; this is your first forward pass.

Step 3:
Then, start your first reverse pass in color B (= 15 Tss)
Use color C in your next forward pass. Keep on alternating colors each row. This is basicly the 3 color technique, but please look at StitchDiva's tutorial for a better explanation.

Step 4:
Keep on crocheting in Tss using the 3 color technique until it measures about 130cm (51 inch) and bind of (see tutorial). Do NOT fasten of!
Note: I choose to not weave in the ends because 1) I don't like doing that and (2) I like the look of those dangling threads. If you don't like that look, just weave in the ends when you run out of yarn (and in the beginning  and the end of your work).

Step 5:
Lay your work flat and twist your cowl twice. Then, hold the beginning and the end together, right sides together, and sl st closed. Fasten off. This is how it should look like:
You're ready! Please let me know if you have any questions. If you make one, please let me see some pics. If you plan to make and sell this, please add a tagline "made from a Tien's Hands pattern". Thank you!

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  1. Nice cowl. I found you trough another blog. And I love what you make.

    Lots of Love Like

  2. Thank you so much, Lieke!
    May I ask, out of curiosity, which blog that was?