vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

An upcycled footstool

This is a very old footstool, it used to be my grandma's. It's really old and the cover is starting to fall apart, as you can see on this "before" picture.
It's for sure that this footstool needs some upcycling! Since I love to crochet, I decided I would make a crochet cover for it. I thought granny squares would be nice for this project, because:
a) the footstool belonged to my granny :) ;
b) granny squares remind me of the old days and give a retro look, which is appropriate for a real vintage footstool!;
c) granny squares are addictive.

I used my 3.50mm crochet hook and worsted weight acrylic yarn for this project, in a colour scheme that reminds me of the seventies. Here is the result:

I love this granny goodness!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Da's echt SUPERMOOI, Tine! Wauw, ik ben ineens jaloers! :)

  2. Dank u wel, Marie! Is niet zo moeilijk om zelf te maken, hoor. Denk zeker dat jij het ook zou kunnen, als ik zie hoe creatief jij ook bent!