zondag 24 juli 2011

Fall Shawl #1: Ocean Shawl

Yeeeey, I finished the first shawl for my Fall Shawl collection. I named it "Ocean Shawl" because the colors and  motifs remind me of the ocean.

I only used yarn I already had on hand for this project. I digged into my yarn baskets and picket out all the blues and greens I could find. I used a total of 30 different yarns, most of them were just acrylic worsted weight yarns. However, I also used some novelty yarns which give the shawl a nice texture.

I made this shawl based on an ethnicdesign pattern I purchased on Etsy. It's build up from a basic striped shawl with fringes and then some freeform spirals are added. Here are some pictures I took during the making of this shawl.
This is how the shawl looks like now it's finished. The shawl measures 120 cm long, 58 cm wide and has a weight of 270 grams.

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